4 easy ways to avoid greasy hair

4 easy ways to avoid greasy hair

 Limit washing your hair to 2-3 times per week


It’s an easy trap to fall into; your hair is greasy so you wash it, but actually your hair gets greasier the more you wash it. Over washing your hair can strip your hair of it’s natural oils, making it produce more oil. And so the cycle continues. 


Enter dry shampoo. Using dry shampoo between washes helps get you through the awkward phase of transitioning from washing daily to 2-3 times per week. It can take a couple of months for your hair to adjust to your new routine, and then its natural oils will balance out and you won’t need to wash it as much.


In the meantime dry shampoo on your roots will help soak up oils and leave your hair looking fresh between washes.


Ease up on the conditioner


Oily hair doesn’t need as much conditioner, especially at the roots. Apply conditioner just to the mid lengths and ends of your hair. You can even try only using conditioner every second wash. Play around with what works for your hair.


Brush your hair


Brushing your hair helps spread natural oils and avoid build up on your scalp which can cause an oily scalp and dandruff. A bonus is that spreading the natural oils gives your hair a gorgeous shine. You need to play around with how much brushing works for you though because over brushing can stimulate more oil production.


Try a brush like The Body Shop's bamboo paddle hairbrush as a vegan alternative to boar bristle brushes, which are typically used to distribute natural oil and increase shine.


Don’t touch your hair


The oil from your fingers transfers to your hair when you touch it. Avoid playing with your hair, try not to fuss too much when you style your hair, and the hardest one: don’t touch your hair to check if it’s oily!