5 Things you didn’t know are damaging your hair

5 Things you didn’t know are damaging your hair

Your hair brush 

Did you know you should change your hairbrush like you change your toothbrush? Don’t worry, not many people do. But bacteria can grow on your hair brush and damage your hair. Keep your hairbrush clean and your hair healthy by washing your brush every two weeks.

How to wash your brush in under 2 minutes:

1.  Clear any hair from your brush
2.  Mix warm water with mild shampoo in a bowl
3.  Move your brush around in the water shampoo mix for 30 seconds or so
4.  Allow the brush to air dry, bristle-side down, on a clean towel.

    The wrong brush can wreak havoc on your hair. Avoid brushes with round balls at the end of the bristles as these can tear through your hair and break the strands. Opt for a detangling brush where the bristles will glide through your hair.

    Your handbag 

    Having your handbag on one shoulder all the time can pull on your hair in the same place over and over if you wear your hair out, causing thinning on one side. If this has your name written all over it, make an effort to switch up your handbag sides and pick up your hair before you put your handbag on your shoulder.

    Your hair dryer 

    We all know that heat can be drying and damaging for your hair. But more often than not there’s not enough hours in the day to let your hair air dry. And even if you could this can lead to bacteria growth and cause dandruff.

     Do these things to help protect your hair when you use a hairdryer:  

    1.  Use a heat protectant spray before drying your hair.
    2.  Always use the concentrator or diffusor attachments that come with your hair dryer. The concentrator looks like a funnel or ducks bill and the diffuser is the big round attachment with prongs. The concentrator funnels the air to the hair you’re focusing on, rather than blowing the strands in all different directions. The diffuser works best for curly hair, it distributes the air over a larger area and allows the hair to keeps its curl without frizzing.

    3. Avoid the highest heat setting. It’s generally just not necessary when styling at home. 
    4. When your hair is almost dry switch to the cold shot setting. Cold air at the end of the drying process seals up the outer layer of your hair. This means less frizz, more shine. Amazing!

    Your hair ties

    Wearing the same hairstyle often can pull on your hair in the same places, which can lead to hair thinning. Mix it up so you don’t build up wear and tear in the same areas.

    Hair ties can also snag on your hair and pull it out when you take your hair out. Look for plastic free hair accessories without any glue or elements that could catch on your hair. We love Bar None’s plastic free, biodegradable and snag free hair ties and scrunchies.

    Your pillowcase

    When you move around in your sleep your hair can catch on your pillowcase, disrupting the cuticle (the outer layer of your hair), causing frizz and even worse - breakage.

    The solution? Less friction.

    Picking a pillowcase that reduces friction with your hair will leave your hair smoother and less prone to breakage while you sleep. Silk pillowcases are getting more popular as an alternative to cotton for this reason, but we prefer to use vegan bamboo pillowcases. They reduce friction, they're breathable and they regulate temperature for a blissfully dreamy sleep.