Blue space buns coloured hair

8 things you need to know to prevent your hair colour from fading


You’re ready for a “new hair colour, who ‘dis?” moment, and you want it to last as long as possible! Follow these tips to keep your semi permanent hair colour at it’s brightest for longer.


Let the dye sit for longer

We love a good chill moment, and so do our dyes. The longer you leave semi permanent dyes on your hair before rinsing, the longer your hair colour generally lasts. And because of our super conditioning formula, leaving the dye in for longer doesn't damage your hair. Our recommended wait time is 10 minutes before checking to see if the colour has taken to your hair, if you want to increase how fade resistant the colour is - keep it in for longer before rinsing and revealing your gorgeous new colour.


Play the waiting game before washing


Waiting as long as possible for the first wash of your hair after colouring will help the colour settle in and stay for longer. Wait as long as you can between washes after that too, because each wash will fade the colour a little.


Avoid heat

Heat and sunshine can contribute to fading your hair colour faster. Just think about the patch of the couch that gets the most sun, it’s the same with hair colour. It’s a good idea to avoid heat styling and use a UV protector when in the sun.


Take a cold shower

Or at least a colder than usual shower. Hot water swells the hair cuticles and the colour can then be washed away by the scrubbing motion, so t's best to wash your hair in lower temperature water and avoid vigorously scrubbing with your fingertips, a gentle massage will do.


Avoid deep cleansing shampoos

and opt for a sulphate-free shampoo; sulphates strip moisture which can cause your colour to fade faster.


Treat your hair to some moisture care

Keeping your hair moisturised is key to prolonging your colour. Using a deep nourishing treatment like our Coconut Masque for Coloured Hair will help hydrate your hair and prevent the colour fading.



Know that red tends to fade quicker

Red is generally a trickier colour to maintain as it has the largest colour molecule so it's heavier and can be washed away more easily. Following these tips will help to maintain your fresh colour.



Wash with coloured shampoo and conditioner

If you've dyed your hair pastel pink or pastel purple, the easy fix to keep your colour fresh is to wash with our Make Me Pastel Pink and Make Me Pastel Purple shampoos and conditioners. They deposit a small amount of colour each time so they're perfect for maintaining your colour.