A Self Care Night In With BRITE

A Self Care Night In With BRITE

Locking in a self-care date is an essential, whether it’s during busy times or just because. 

If it’s an indulgent night in with hair and face masques, a DIY manicure, a Netflix binge (or all of the above) we’re here for it.

The Brite Organix range of rejuvenating, hydrating and damn good hair masques are the perfect starting point to settling in for some self care treatment.

Our tip? Gather your checklist and make sure you’re set. One must be wearing a magnificent fluffy robe after a hot shower, some kind of delicious candle burning in the background and of course, Netflix on standby. 

Grab your go-to Brite Organix Masque for your hair type - whether that’s our Tea Tree and Mint Masque for strengthening hair, our Mango Masque for dry hair or Tropical Pineapple Masque for sorting out those nasty split ends, we promise we have your back.

Either use some of the masque and leave the rest for later or go full throttle, whatever feels right on your locks (there's a lot packed into the sachet! Up to 5 treatments in fact). Comb through your wet hair and let it sit, soak and do it’s thing for up to 15 minutes. If you’re feeling a little like you need some intense treatment, you can leave a masque in overnight! 

Once you feel like the magic has happened, rinse out the masque with warm water either over the sink or in the shower. 

Lastly, enter full relaxation mode in front of Netflix, reaping all the benefits of your new deliciously rejuvenated and fresh hair. Go you!