The weekend routine to keep your hair looking fresh and fire all week.

The weekend routine to keep your hair looking fresh and fire all week.

Sometimes all you want to do is be pampered and spoilt by your favourite hair salon, however at the moment we can’t all get in to see our favourite people.

What if we told you there was one product you could use, at home, that would take your hair from zero to hero overnight and keep it looking fresh all week long?!

Brite’s Unicorn Superhero Unicorn Masque is the It-Product, it even comes in Mango and Mermaid! It’s the beauty cabinet must-have, it’s the on-the-go necessity, it’s the perfect gift for friends and family too. You’re going to want to get your hands on this, and spread the good news!

We know you’re strapped for time - or you just want more time to watch the latest Netflix series (we feel you). This hair masque is the easiest and most efficient way to get your locks looking fire for the week ahead - and it’s vegan and cruelty free too! Just pop it on, on a Sunday and watch heads turn with envy for the rest of the week.

To use it, all you need to do is with freshly damp and towel-dried hair, apply liberally throughout your hair and comb it in from roots to ends. Use this just before bed, then loosely braid your hair, then in the morning you’ll be ready to go with perfectly silky tresses - no washing out required!

Some of the super unique ingredients in this masque are Hazel Seed Oil and Watermelon Seed Oil. Watermelon Seed Oil is the secret to keep your hair moisturised without getting greasy because it’s ultra-light. It also houses an abundance of antioxidants to keep your hair and scalp in tip-top shape! Hazel Seed Oil also helps to moisturise but it’s superpower is that it promotes collagen in your hair, keeping it strong and luscious!

This masque is literally a superhero - it’s going to keep your hair strong, manageable and soft - say a huge goodbye to flyaways, frizziness and fragile hair!