Two steps to keeping your coloured hair looking lush

Two steps to keeping your coloured hair looking lush

We all love to dye our hair and experiment with new colours, looks and trends - but keeping coloured hair looking fresh can be a challenge!

It can be hard when you can’t get to a salon, but we’ve broken down two major steps you can take to make sure that you are able to get funky and expressive with your hair, while protecting it and keeping it looking lush and vibrant.

Step 1: … getting the first step right!

The first step is, well, to get the first step right! Bleach is key to be able to allow your colour to really take hold by removing the natural colouring or artificial pigment to allow you to ‘lift’ your hair colour to a lighter level.

If your hair is a darker tone, or you want to lighten it pre-colouring, the Brite Bleach Kit is the perfect product for you. We know it can sometimes be daunting bleaching your hair without your stylist, but this pack is quick and easy to use, and most importantly it’s dust-free and ammonia-free, to allow you to lift up to eight shades lighter. It is also vegan and cruelty free!

Dust-free bleach powder is better for your body, however the absolute key to magically coloured and healthy hair is ammonia-free bleach. Using ammonia in your hair products results in hair cuticles that are damaged, leading to dry and brittle strands. So we’re here to smash a hair colouring myth - you can absolutely safely dye your hair and be kind to your hair and the environment, too!


Step 2: Semi-permanent or pigment shampoo?

Now comes the fun part - colour selection! The world is your oyster with both colours and types, so you can express yourself, even if you can’t get to see your hairdresser!

Do you want colour to last several washes? Or do you prefer a hint of colour that you can change at a moment’s notice?

Brite’s Shampoo and Conditioner is a coloured shampoo that gradually builds up colour with each wash, while gently nourishing hair. One of the most unique ingredients in this pigmented shampoo that comes in four colours and four pastels is that citric acid is an ingredient. Citric acid opens your hair cuticle to keep your hair growing and healthy.

If you’re thinking you want more of a colour that’s going to pack a punch and last a bit longer, it’s all about Brite’s Semi-Permanent Hair Colour. There’s a wild amount of colours for you to choose - so why stick with one?! You can go for Denim Blue, Rose, Silver or even the super on trend, Mandarin! This cruelty-free and vegan dye will last 5-30 washes and is a hydrating formula to condition your hair as it deposits colour, leaving your locks silky smooth.