Which Brite hair masque is right for you?

Which Brite hair masque is right for you?

Eeny, meeny, miny, mo, which nourishing Brite hair masque should you go?

We have a huge range of hydrating masques to suit any hair concern, and you don’t have to have coloured hair to use them. Our hair masques work on both colour treated and non-colour treated hair. We know a big selection can be a little daunting (huge menus, we’re looking at you), so we’ve broken it down for you.

Your hair needs a pick me up and you need a relaxing night in

Don’t we all! If your hair needs some revitalising and you're in for a night of self care then kick up your feet, relax to your favourite beats and enjoy the gorgeous scents of our masques floating in the air. Our range of 10-15 minute hair masques are perfect for you.

The hair masques are formulated with quality ingredients that condition, hydrate and nourish your hair. Transport yourself to your favourite ice cream store with our new range of delicious smelling vegan ice cream masques.

The masques are all rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants, they contain argan oil, AHA and super conditioners to hydrate and strengthen your hair.

We’ve formulated the strength of ingredients differently in each masque to target a range of hair concerns and included it on the packet. Have a browse through the flavours to see what will work best for your relaxing night in.

You colour your hair a lot. Like, a LOT

Bleaching, colouring and heat styling can all take their toll on your hair. If you’re someone who is constantly changing hair colours (love that!) and doing all the bleaching and upkeep that goes with it, you could benefit from a more intensive repair treatment.

If your hair is feeling dry, damaged and brittle we recommend a bond building repair treatment that restores the hair cuticle and rebuilds the bonds that are broken during chemical treatments.

The Briteplex range will restore damaged hair to all it’s glory. For very damaged hair leave it in overnight.

You’re go, go, go and your hair needs some loving

If you’re someone who’s always on the run, or can’t sit still and the thought of relaxing with a hair masque for 15 minutes just isn’t for you, the Super Hero 3 in 1 Leave in Treatment is your hair hero without a cape. No wait time, you simply apply and go about your day while the Super Hero treatment does all the work.

It nourishes, protects and restores your hair, with proteins and hair loving ingredients like watermelon seed oil, hazel seed oil and healthy long chain fatty acids (the great kind for your hair!).

Choose from the unicorn, mango, blackcurrant and mermaid flavours.